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Renaissance dental to use yeah so when you talk about even titanium implants if you’re gonna use ultrasonics the scalars you are gonna renaissance dental dislodge more and more titanium particles another thing now we have to worry about before we weren’t thinking about.

renaissance dental
renaissance dental

That but now we have to be more careful about it and blessing being an amino acid it’s also anti-inflammatory so you’re actually doing an anti-inflammatory treatment for your patients if you’re going to .

The CDA they do have it there but we do take it Blake yeah I think there’s still a lot we don’t know especially with environmental medicine I

Mean it’s a whole another field of understanding how sir how the environment affects us now the latest thing is this of Wi-Fi gg or whether the call that’s you know a lot of physicians .

I work with are worried about it in terms of our health because energy affects us linked so so how is it going to affect us.

We don’t have any studies unfortunately how do you think it’s been released to know the five genes whether it sounds it’s released so I had one physician I was actually over the weekend at a summit in Arizona and one physician from .

Minnesota was saying that this family installed it in their house and both the kids had seizures never had okay so we have a hands-on course as I mentioned to you thin your Melinda for learning prosthetics and more about the noble parole is out it’s on July methods of Saturday and no whole bike here has a beautiful teaching center there have.