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Expert insurance team I wanted to  make a quick video about dental insurance with United Healthcare I do  offer and sell a lot of dental policies with United Healthcare so I figured it’s  time to make a video sometimes there will be clients that request a quote for dental insurance without even speaking  to me so

I am afraid that if I give them the quote that they’re not gonna understand how the policy works because it might look like Chinese to them I do  this for a dentemax living I saw policies insurance policies for living and sometimes it looks like Chinese to me so I can only imagine what it looks like to somebody else on the other side so I’ll try to make it as simple as possible I do like offering United Health Care dental insurance because I think it’s one of the best ones for the money every  policy is different.

Dental helps
Dental Helps

Every state is different just because it’s good and just because United Healthcare is good in one state just may not be good in another state if I’m you’re watching  this video it’s probably because I’ve sent you a quote on United Healthcare and from my experience.


It is the best one in in our state and that’s the one that most people are going with so let’s  dive let’s let’s dive a little deeper so United Healthcare offers four different dental plans the dental primary primary preferred the print premier choice and the premier elite I think the best one  for the money is the premier choice so I’m just gonna dive into that one and tell you how this one works.

This is gonna be the one that’s going to give us all levels of benefits the preventive basic and major service benefits the  other ones at the top here may just give us a preventive and basic services so let’s talk about those different levels of services then every dental policy has those three levels of service preventative basic and major services.

when I say preventative care is just  your routine cleanings your your your evaluations your your exams your x-rays once a year that’s usually what’s covered under your preventative Services. See More..