How To Get full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

Really want is the profits and full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period I want to spend you know I don’t know work more than hours because I have young kids who are growing up I don’t want to miss them you know so then the whole thing changes so somebody who might say oh .

full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period
full coverage dental insurance with no waiting period

I need I’m an associate and this and that we’ll say well maybe not I can still get what I want which is you know half the time with my kid and make a good living and no see so you.

kind of help the owners go through a process of cleaning as to what makes them happy you know and put the puzzles together like time money purpose relationships if and.

I’m actually going to share that with your listeners today at least from a surface level it’s a what we call our vision kit and it’s the same that we’re going to send to anyone who wants to engage in this process it’s a set of questions and you know .

I think we’ll talk here in a minute about what’s the format for revealing this to the team and taking the team through it so it gives us it gives us structure for that particular type of meeting in the kit it also has the questions for the life the personal life vision so.

I want to clarify that we don’t ask the team to share their life vision unless they want to what they want to that’s fine but we’re not going to for these are private individual but the team can’t disappear members can’t decide if they if they align well.

With the business vision in other words they can’t decide if the business vision is going to be a good fit for helping them accomplish their life vision and I’ll give you an example in just a second about that they can’t they can’t decide if they don’t know what their life vision is to see so we want them to just come to this meeting where the owner is going to.

talk about their business vision already having done some personal work on where they’re going so for example if someone decides in their life vision that they’d like to ultimately at some point go back to school they’d like to go back and become a hygienist or they’re a hygienist they might like to go and be a dentist someday or something else whatever I’ve had people say